Jeremy & Andi

Thank you for giving to missions at First Baptist Rogers. Through your giving to our budget and Global Missions Fund, we are making a difference around the world and here at home.

Recently, through our Global Missions fund, we were able to provide hearing aids for Jeremy, an IMB missionary. Jeremy was with our church during our Global Impact Celebration. Shortly after returning to a new location overseas he noticed he was having difficulty with his language learning. The doctor explained the issue was with his hearing. He was unable to hear the distinction in the sounds. His brain was overcompensating with some frequencies for the lack of ability to hear other frequencies. Through your generous giving to our Global Missions Fund, we were able to purchase Jeremy the hearing aids he needed. He is now working on a new language in which he can share the gospel. His response, "Amazing. Thank you so, so much. Again, this is such a burden lifted from us."

You can give to the Global Missions Fund by texting GO to 888-325-3385 or by marking "Missions" on your giving envelope.