Chris & Cassie

Thank you, First Baptist Rogers family, for your giving!  Through your individual gifts and our global missions fund, we were able to play a significant role in funding the construction of a feeding center in Haiti. Below you will hear more about this project from our missionary partners there. God is using them to make a big difference in the lives of children in Mole St. Nicolas!

Hello, our names are Chris and Cassie Myers, and we are serving in northwest Haiti in a village called Mole St. Nicolas. We spend our days during the school year working with children in our mission's elementary and preschool. On a daily basis, we encounter the reality of hunger that grips so many families in the country where we serve. As we have been working in the schools, we have seen the adverse effects that hunger has on these children, not only physically but academically too. Every day there are children who come to school on an empty stomach. Some of them are unable to lift their head off of their desk from weakness and headache. One day, we even witnessed a young boy empty the contents of his backpack onto the floor in a desperate search for some cracker crumbs on the bottom of his bag. After licking the tiny crumbs from his fingers, he laid his head back on his desk and fell asleep from weakness. It's multiple stories just like these that have moved us to take action.  One way we are mobilizing this is through the construction of a feeding center in the backyard at our school. Currently, the feeding center building is incomplete and construction has been at a standstill due to lack of funds to finish it. The pastor we work with began its construction with the idea of using the building as a serving and dining area for our mission’s annual youth conference. However, we approached him with an even greater vision of seeing the building used as a feeding center where our school kids could receive a meal each day at school. At our pastor's approval, we began praying and brainstorming with our other ministry partners how to raise the necessary funds to complete the building's construction. Earlier this summer we made a visit home to Arkansas, and while there we were able to raise all of the funds needed to move forward with the construction of the feeding center. Praise be to God!