Upcoming Global Opportunities


Keith Green gave us eight reasons why we should go to the mission field.  Here’s #1…


"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15). 

With these words, Jesus made it clear exactly what His disciples were to do. They were to spread His teachings in His name, preaching salvation unto the ends of the earth (Rom. 10:18). If you consider yourself a "believer," then you must consider yourself a "disciple" of Jesus - no less called and chosen than the very first 12 apostles. There are no such things as "first-class" Christians and "second-class" Christians. Every believer is called to spread the Good News about Jesus to those who have not yet heard. Jesus' command is definite and clear- it is His great mandate, His "Great Commission" to the soldiers in His holy army. We must go because our great General has commanded us to go.

At First Baptist Rogers, we want to help send you on mission this year!  Check out these upcoming opportunities to GO globally.

 Amazon River Trip

Where: Amazon River Basin, Brazil

When: May 20-28, 2019

Trip Leaders: Brian Johnson and Wade Tomlinson

Approximate Cost: $2975   Deposit: $250

Sleep on a boat and experience the wonder of the Amazon. We need medical, dental, and children's teams to reach the unchurched along the Amazon River of Brazil. What an opportunity to watch God work!

Team size: 15-30

East Asia (Future Hope) Trip

Where: Contact Missions Office for location

When: June 9-23, 2019

Trip Leader: Kelsey Scott

Approximate Cost: $2300   Deposit: $200

Care for the least of these through ministering in the infant special care unit of Future Hope. You will be forever changed. 

Team size: 5-8 women only

Malaysia Trip

Where: Contact Missions Office for location

When: July 19-28, 2019

Trip Leader: Alan Reed

Approximate Cost: $2300   Deposit: $200

Application Deadline: Mar 31, 2019

Our First Baptist Rogers team will work with IMB personnel, Tony and Stephany, to share Jesus through prayer walking and relational evangelism.  Participants need to be at least 17 years of age. 

Team size: 10-15

South Asia (FAMM) Trip

Where: Location to be disclosed at interest meeting

When: October 4-12, 2019

Trip Leader: Jerry Bolander

Approximate Cost $2700   Deposit: $200

Info Meeting: April 28, 2019

Application Deadline: May 19, 2018

We will join FAMM in distributing Compassion Kits to unreached groups while sharing the gospel story. 

 Ukraine Trip

Where: Location to be disclosed at interest meeting

When: October 20-November 3, 2019

Trip Leader: Wade Tomlinson

Approximate Cost: $2500   Deposit: $200

Info Meeting: May 5, 2019

Application Deadline: May 26, 2018

We will partner with Michael Gott Ministries to teach classrooms full of children and youth to speak English. Along the way, they will hear the gospel. 

Team size: 15-30

If you find a trip you are interested in or would like more information, please let us know by emailing our Missions Assistant, Mary Denton, at mary.denton@fbcrogers.org.