Disaster Relief

Jerry Bolander - DR.jpg

My name is Jerry Bolander and I serve with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief where we were recently deployed in response to flooding. Our team is being housed in a church in Glenwood, IA and working in Pacific Junction, a small community to the southwest. The entire community was recently under 6-10 feet of water. They had very little notice because of a broken levee. The residents had little opportunity to grab anything from their homes. Most people lost everything they owned- cars, homes, all of their possessions.

My partner and I walk into each home and assess what the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization might be able to do for them.  While visiting with them, we also get to hear their stories about the house.  Many of them will share how this was “mom and dad's home,” about growing up there, etc. Often times, we have the privilege of crying right alongside them.

Before we leave, we explain who we are and that there is absolutely no cost to them. This will lead to a discussion of how Jesus has told us to GO and help people in need, with continued thoughts of how they can trust in Jesus and know for sure they can go to heaven if they died right now. So far on this deployment, Jim and I have gotten to lead three people to Christ.

Thanks to everyone who supports this Ministry through your tithes and offerings.

For more information on how you can participate in disaster relief, check out www.absc.org/ministries/disasterrelief/