Vickie Cline | Nicaragua

Psalm 2.8 “Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Your possession.”

Pray for Vickie Cline. Vickie is a missionary to Nicaragua and runs Living Grace Ministry. Tensions in Nicaragua have been high over the last year and Vickie is sharing Jesus in an area that is desperate for hope. Here is an excerpt from her recent newsletter:

“Our current taxi driver is seeking the Lord. We have good conversations about trusting God. It’s just really hard to get past the Catholic frame of mind here. His name is Muriel. Pray for him.

Some of our ladies are seeking God, too. We are able to share how we trust Him in everything and especially in eternity. We are going to ramp up our devotions during skills classes. We still have a hard time carrying on continuous Bible study times due to the situation in the streets at unexpected times.

Keep praying over April. It is the anniversary of the craziness. Remember that Easter weekend is the one year anniversary of the first massacres of the students. There are still hundreds and hundreds of prisoners and people missing. People still disappear here. The original tax changes that sparked the protests have gone through, despite the government saying they wouldn’t. In fact, pensions have been cut, many foods have started being taxed. It seems random and crazy. It is hurting the people here. So many jobs lost. So many families suffering. It’s hard to see so much need and not be able to help everyone. We pray constantly that God will show us who to help, how to help, and mostly for chances to share Jesus.”

  • Pray for these that Vickie is sharing Jesus with

  • Pray for the political climate of the country and the many that are in need

  • Pray for Vickie’s friend Veronica who is having eye surgery this month

  • Pray that Vickie would be able to purchase a car for herself and her ministry. She is hoping to raise $2000 in the near future to purchase a car. 

If you’d like to receive regular updates from Vickie or let her know you are praying for her, you can email her at